The Way To Heaven (A Tribute To Mark Knopfler)

by Karma Fire

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I wanted to write a dedication to Mark Knopfler yet not write a fluffy song about how he influenced my music etc. So I decided to write in the "epic" form of Telegraph Road a story of two lovers long ago. I used his guitar stylings yet made them my own and I thought this is the best way to dedicate a song - while the person in question is alive!


The Way To Heaven (Lyrics)

A man stands on a cliff side
Looking down at his people
He takes his staff to the stone
In the blinding light it was a miracle
That from the rock water flowed

Manna fell like rain
To the tired and the weary
This journey was so long
So long for so many
We traded our lives
For a dream and vision
Now we look at each other
With a regret that we don’t mention
On the way to heaven

The armies beat us down
We both got away
We ran across that river
In the broad light of day
Sleeping in the fields
Our future open wide
Our souls were our shields
Baby we felt destined to find
The way to heaven

In through the gates of the walled city
We took in what work there was
And slowly forgot
Who we used to be
Forgave what we had lost
By my side, you were by my side
My guiding star
While the guards stood watch outside
My guiding star

As the organ grinder plays Yesterdays
I watch the tears role down your face
And all the doors to your house are wide open
So I walk outside
I walk straight into nowhere

So what we’re cracked and broken
Don’t know what the hell we lacked
But I was the one that pulled you through
When your whole world was black
Baby we didn’t come this far for a fistful of sand
So tired of running away
From the darkness we felt inside
Though we can’t turn back time
I hope that your light shines
On the way to heaven


released January 17, 2011
Neville Kaye - all instruments and vocals (yes, I know, it's hard to find good work)




Karma Fire Sydney, Australia

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